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Welcome to Coriolis Energy


Coriolis Energy is a specialist independent wind farm development company. Our team is amongst the most experienced in the sector and has to date successfully completed over 100MW of operational onshore wind farms with a further 400 MW currently in development.


We’re always looking for new sites so, if you have land you think might be suitable, please do get in touch. 


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Curious about whether your land might be suitable for a wind farm? Complete our on-line questionnaire and one of our developers will let you know. Go»



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Windmills have been used as a source of energy in the UK for over 800 years. Find out more about the technology used in today's wind turbines Read more»

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Wind farms can tap into a clean and inexhaustible source of energy, helping both to combat climate change and reduce reliance on fossil fuels Read more»



Image:  Chimneys emitting clouds of polution into the atmosphere

The earth’s average surface temperature has risen by around 1.1°C since the late 19th century, with most of the change occurring in the past 35 years. Read more»

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