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Site Assessment


When looking at the suitability of land for a wind farm project we need to consider a range of technical and environmental factors, the most important of which are included in the form below. We also need to understand the existing land uses so that we can advise how the project would fit in with these.


If you are interested in the possibility of a wind farm on your land, please complete the form below and one of our development team will get back to you with an initial assessment of your site's potential.


Please note that information marked with a * is mandatory.


Preliminary Site Assessment Questionnaire


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Please indicate distance from the edge of the site to nearest dwellings (or if dwellings lie within the site):

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It would help our assessment if you were able to provide a map showing the boundaries of your potential site, either as a scan sent via e-mail to or, a hard copy sent to the address below. Don't worry if you're not able to provide a map at this stage - we can carry out the first stage of the site assessment without this.

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Note: you will have an opportunity to print a copy of the the data sent to us for your records after you press submit


If you would prefer (and in any event if you are sending us a hard copy map showing the boundaries of your site) please send a printout of this form to us at:


Site Enquiries

Coriolis Energy

22-24 King Street




Your details will be retained and used by Coriolis Energy Limited in order to investigate whether your land is suitable for an energy project development. If your land is suitable, then after consultation with you we may pass your details on to third parties involved in the development of the energy project on your land, including the electricity network operator and the local planning authority. To remove your details at any time, please write to us at 22-24 King Street, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 1EF.

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